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24 Day Smart Start™

You made the first move. Here are 24 more.

24 days can change your life.

Created in partnership with world-class fitness experts, our 24 Day Smart Start program will
influence the way you move, think, eat and recover to help fast-track the results you want.

3 easy steps

  • Pick a program
  • Choose your level
  • Start your journey


Transform your mindset, kickup a sweat and burn calories with workouts that move you.

Fitness & Energy

Feel great right away by exploring conscious ways to move and feel better in your body.


Hone your physical strength and agility with athletic workouts that progress in intensity.

Muscle Gain

Challenge your body and build lean muscle by turning up the intensity one workout at a time.

Here is what's included


Transform your fitness with effective workouts tailored to your level

Metabolic Tips

Fire up your metabolism with daily tips from author Jim LaValle.

24 Day Guide

Build your foundation for success with a sample day-by-day plan.

24Life™ Magazine

Uncover your best self now with expert advice from our digital magazine.